Dual Hoop Rotating Tower

This dual height tower system has one fixed hoop at 2.43m high for juniors. In addition it has one at 3.05m for senior height, perfect for both age groups. Mounted on a rotating pole each hoop can be changed easily by simply releasing the locking pin and turning the system 180 degrees.


Dual Height Basketball Flyer

SKU: BB Dual Hoop

Rotating Basketball Features


  • backboards are made from galvanised steel (BB BB)
  • 1.2m x 900m perforated to reduce wind resistance and weight (14kg)
  • electro-galvanised with a powder coated finish (white – with colour options available on request)
  • black shooting lines
  • strengthening braces riveted into place


  • bolt on heavy duty hoop is 16mm ring with net clips (BB FX)
  • powder coated finish (Blue)
  • bolts directly on to the top outreach relieving any stress on the backboard
  • strong support backing plate 6mm thick
  • net clips welded in place


  • white 12 loop net (BB NET)
  • 5mm braided twine

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