Volleyball Nets

Up for a game of volleyball, badminton or tennis? Our sports nets for sale are perfect for your court. We provide volleyball net posts that are convertible for games of badminton and tennis. Safe to use, easy to install, and durable, enjoy seamless games with our versatile sports equipment.

While the techniques involved in these three sports are different, there’s no need to spend excessive amounts of money on a net for each game! With our volleyball, badminton, and tennis multi-use system, you can enjoy the benefits of not just one but three exciting sports.

Keeping fit is ideal for your physical health, bodily longevity, and your mental and social wellbeing. Participating in team sports is a great way to gain confidence working with others and in what your body can do. Team players also learn crucial human skills such as respect for others, communication, and emotional control.

Here at HotShot Sports, we want to make sport accessible for all players. We want to do our part in encouraging more Kiwis to play sports by manufacturing the highest quality sports equipment available.

HotShot Sports’ Volleyball, Badminton, & Tennis Multi-Use System

Cater for a range of sporting needs by installing one of our volleyball, badminton, and tennis multi-use systems in your court. If you want the freedom to play multiple sports, what’s the point in buying a low tennis net as well as a high volleyball net when you can get both in one?

Volleyball Net


You can purchase protective padding, nets, and more as optional extras. Take a look at our tennis nets for sale to find the right net for your combination system!

All our sports equipment comes with a complete set of instructions for set-up, pack down, and maintenance.

Outdoor Games

Our multi-code system made for tennis, badminton, and volleyball is an innovative outdoor net system with a fully adjustable HotShot winch for different activities. This sturdy system is perfect for outdoor use with its heavy-duty, 65mm diameter galvanised poles and a tamper-proof removable handle.

Adjusting the net height with HotShot’s winch is as easy as releasing the net tension, turning the handle to adjust to the height required, and re-tensioning the net. No need for nasty cables, as the winch has a belt instead.

The price of this unit excludes shipping. We provide a free freight quote when you get in touch with us.

Indoor Games

If your court is indoors, check out our lighter, aluminium badminton and tennis multi-use system. Our indoor set is perfect for games of volleyball, badminton or tennis in a gymnasium. The aluminium extrusion is specially designed by HotShot Sports to be super strong, but lightweight..

Our clamping collar system allows the nets to be easily and safely adjusted to any height. In addition, this system can set two nets on the same pole at two different heights. The winch is tensioned with a strap, eliminating problem cables. We can supply this system to span across several courts.


Benefits of Playing Volleyball Net & Other Volleyball Equipments

The ability to play multiple sports is great for so many aspects of your health and wellbeing. If you’re loving the idea of multi-combination units and want to know more, check out our soccer combo net.

Firstly, variety makes you a better player! If you’re a tennis player, you might find it easy to get into badminton. The ability to work with different weights of rackets and shuttles will strengthen your abilities in both sports. Play some volleyball as well to broaden your perspective and reflexes. You’ll be able to transfer skills and tactics learned across games.

Playing these sports will improve your:

  • Heart health
  • Coordination
  • Balance
  • Flexibility
  • Muscle tone and strength
  • Reaction times

Shifting between these sports will activate more of your muscles and give you more overall strength. Exposure to more sports means you are more likely to meet more people and improve your communication and teamwork skills.

Here are some of the non-physical benefits of playing volleyball, badminton, and tennis:

  • Reduced stress, anxiety, and other mental health issues
  • Better awareness
  • Increased confidence and social abilities

What’s not to love? Sport New Zealand places a huge emphasis on the value of variety. Here at HotShot Sports, we wholeheartedly support this ethos. We specially design our sports equipment to work well in environments where communities can enjoy and play various sports. Our products are perfect for school and public sports grounds, as well as private sporting facilities.

We offer a 2.7mm grey braided net with either a 200mm diamond pattern or a 100mm square pattern. Alternatively, we can make a braided net with 3mm grey twine with either a 230mm diamond or a 115mm square pattern.

We are eager to use our products to support the growing community of sports players in New Zealand.

At HotShot Sports, we care about making physical exercise accessible. Volleyball, badminton, and tennis are easy to learn and a whole lot of fun to play. Players at any level of experience will get something out of these games. It is super satisfying to keep building your skills, strength, and fitness while making lifelong friendships in sport.

Our volleyball nets NZ are easy to use and install and are made of the highest quality materials. Using premium equipment is the best way to gain skills and confidence in this awesome game.

When choosing your tennis, badminton, and volleyball net, you need the right advice from experts. We are here to help! Feel free to contact us today.

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