Hockey Nets

Sick of losing your hockey ball? Maybe you have a holey net, or you’ve been using the classic “pair-of-shoes goal,” neither of these is sufficient if you want your hockey game to flow without the need for search parties. At HotShot Sports, we provide players with equipment used in field hockey that ensures a smooth and exciting game.

Our ready-made hockey nets are excellent for professional and amateur play. If you need a custom net, we’re happy to go the extra mile to ensure your hockey game is a great one.

Field hockey is one of the most popular sports in New Zealand. It is easy to learn and a whole lot of fun to play. Players at any level of experience will get something out of the game. It is super satisfying to keep building your hockey skills. This sport is so good for developing hand-eye coordination, fast reflexes, cardiovascular fitness, and balance.

At HotShot Sports, we care about making physical exercise accessible. Getting the right gear is very important to build these assets right. Check out our tennis court equipment to learn more.

Keeping fit is beneficial for your physical health, bodily longevity, and your mental and social wellbeing. Participating in team sports is a great way to gain confidence working with others and in what your body can do. Team players also learn crucial human skills such as respect for others, communication, and emotional control.

Our range of equipment used in field hockey fits all the needs of field hockey play.

Hockey Nets

We offer the best quality hockey nets for sale in NZ. Suitable for outdoor school and community play, our selection of hockey nets on offer are durable and long-lasting.

Our high-quality hockey goal nets are perfect if it’s time for you to upgrade or replace your current set-up. We offer a custom net making service to fit any goal. All you have to do is send us measurements and a photo of your goal, and we will do the rest.

Contact us to request quotes using the item codes in the descriptions.

Hockey Net 1

This hockey net uses heavy-duty, 2.5mm black netting. It has a braided, square design. We use it in the HotShot Standard Goal and Deluxe Goal.

Use the code HG NET 1.


Hockey Net 3

This hockey net also uses heavy-duty, 2.5mm black netting and a braided, square design. It is only suitable to fit the HotShot International goal.

Use the code HG NET 3.

Custom Hockey Nets

HotShot offers custom-made nets to fit the goals you have at home! All we need from you is a photo plus measurements of your goal, and we will do the rest.

For our heavy-duty, 3mm black netting braided in either a 25mm square pattern or a 50mm diamond pattern, use the code HS005 CMN.

For our lighter, 1.8mm grey netting braided in either a 25mm square pattern or a 57mm diamond pattern, use the code HS001 CMN.

Hockey Goals

Take a look at our premium hockey goals on offer. There’s no wonder that HotShot Sports manufactures the best sports equipment in NZ.

Hockey Standard Mobile Goal

The standard model hockey goal is the ideal choice if required to shift daily. We have reduced the weight, but it is still very robust and easy to move around. You can move it on its four locking brake caster wheels. No lifting is necessary, and the goal is suitable for multi-use turfs.

Use the code HG MOBS.

Hockey Goal Mobile Deluxe

Our Mobile Deluxe model hockey goals are very robust but still portable. The Mobile Deluxe has lifting handles to assist moving and is suitable for grass and multi-use turfs.

Use the code HG MOBD.

Hockey International Mobile Goal

HotShot International’s mobile goal complies with the latest FIH regulations and requirements for international competitions.

The International model features freely hanging net suspension. With this construction, the net hangs freely in the goal frame so the ball cannot bounce back out from the rear. In terms of quality and ease of handling, this hockey goal is unrivalled. It comes in kit set form with easy to assemble instructions.

Use the code HG MOBI.

Use Hockey Equipment Made by Experts

By buying equipment used in field hockey made by experts who know the ins and outs of the game on a local and international level, you can trust that you are getting the best quality products. Feel like a member of the Black Sticks and have a go at this brilliant game!

At Hot Shot Sports, we aim to make sports and physical fitness accessible for all New Zealanders. Working muscles and staying fit from a young age is essential for your health. We believe that there’s a kind of exercise out there for everyone, not just those who are “naturally sporty”.

Our hockey nets NZ are easy to use, easy to install, and made of the highest quality materials. Using premium equipment is the best way to gain skills and confidence in this awesome game.

When choosing equipment used in field hockey, you need the right advice from experts. We want to help! Feel free to contact us today.

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