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At HotShot Sports, we are a proudly NZ owned and operated company that provides high-quality gear for a wide range of sporting needs. We believe that life is too short to be using substandard gear; that’s why we make sports equipment built to last.

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Introducing HotShot

Our experienced team is responsive and adaptable to our clients’ needs. We listen and treat you as a valued customer, not just a number! We supply quality equipment that is designed and made in New Zealand. Our company is based in Napier, and our nationwide delivery will come to you within days.

We work closely with our key partners. Therefore, we have access to the best materials and can scale our operations when we need to. Our commitment to quality ensures that we meet the highest international sporting code standards.

Having strong relationships with our key partners allows us to access the best materials and provides the ability to scale our operations when we need to. Our commitment to quality ensures that we meet the highest international sporting code standards.

Sporting Equipment Online

New Zealand has a proud sporting culture, and long may it continue! We are so passionate about promoting physical fitness in the lives of all Kiwis. Our mission is to provide the best equipment available to make this as easy and enjoyable as possible for everyone.

Enabling communities to enjoy sports and exercise is our top priority. We are passionate about promoting everyone’s physical and mental wellbeing by making sport accessible. 

Buy local and be a part of the nationwide sporting community! 

School Sports Equipment Online

We provide Kiwi kids with NZ made school sports equipment. Providing quality equipment for young people learning to play sports is key to instilling confidence and enjoyment in physical exercise.

Promoting physical activity from a young age is not just about keeping kids fit. It’s also about building their social skills, gaining respect for teammates and coaches, learning how to communicate, and making lasting friendships. What’s not to love?

Schools around the country have been impressed with the services provided by our team at HotShot Sports. We are pleased to continue supplying the next generation with high-quality, durable, and easy to use products. You will find that our equipment is an absolute asset to your school community.

If you are a school or community wishing to amp up the accessibility of sports in your facility, take a look at our basketball rings for sale to find the right gear for you. Our expert team is more than happy to help you work out the best equipment for your requirements.

Our Products

Browse through our range of the best quality sports equipment in NZ. We also make custom products! We provide free consultations and quotes for anyone who gets in touch with us.

Basketball Hoops

Wanting to enhance your goal shooting skills? Keen to know how it feels to be a legend like Steven Adams? Check out our selection of premium basketball hoops NZ.  Ideal for schools, community, and professional courts.

Experienced and aspiring basketball players alike will be impressed with the quality and durability of our basketball equipment. Get your head in the game with our exceptional products!

Sports Equipment

Volleyball/Badminton/Tennis Nets

Check out the volleyball, badminton, and tennis multi-use system we have available so that you can play a variety of sports. Up for a game of volleyball, badminton or tennis? Our sports nets for sale are perfect for your court.

Safe, easy to install, and durable, we provide nets suitable for training and competitions. Enjoy a seamless game.

Hockey Nets

Sick of losing your hockey ball? Maybe you have a holey net, or you’ve been using the classic “pair-of-shoes goal,” neither of these is sufficient if you want your hockey game to flow without the need for search parties.

Our ready-made hockey nets are excellent for professional and amateur play. If you need a custom net, we’re happy to go the extra mile to ensure your hockey game is a great one.

Soccer Nets

There’s nothing better than that moment when a player scores a goal in soccer. Make it count with our high-quality soccer nets!

We use the best materials to ensure that our products will last a long time. Here at HotShot Sports, we are all about making sure you have the right gear for playing the most popular sport in the world.

Become part of NZ’s leading sports community

No matter how old or young you are, participating in physical activity is unbelievably beneficial for your physical, mental, and social wellbeing. We can’t emphasise enough how much we love facilitating people’s fitness journeys!

At HotShot Sports, we aim to make sports and physical fitness accessible for all New Zealanders. Working muscles and staying fit from a young age is essential for your health. We believe that there’s a kind of exercise out there for everyone, not just those who are “naturally sporty”.

Our sports equipment NZ is easy to use, easy to install, and made of the highest quality materials. Using premium equipment is the best way to gain skills and confidence in any sporting endeavour.

When choosing sports equipment, you need the right advice from experts. We want to help! Feel free to contact us today.

Gymguru Outdoor Gym Equipment

At HotShot Sports, we are proudly NZ owned and operated. We manufacture GymGuru outdoor fitness equipment, designed to withstand the harsh NZ environment..

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