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Eager to enhance your goal shooting skills? Keen to know how it feels to be a legend like Steven Adams? Check out our selection of premium basketball hoops NZ that are ideal for school, community, and professional courts.

Experienced and aspiring basketball players alike will be impressed with the quality and durability of our basketball equipment. Get your head in the game with our exceptional products!

Basketball is a fun, fast-paced game that players of all ages, experiences, and abilities can enjoy. It is easy to learn, and the potential for amping up your skills is high. Having a basketball hoop in your school or backyard is an excellent way to get everyone involved in fitness. It is a primo sport for developing hand-eye coordination, cardiovascular fitness, and fast reflexes.

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Keeping fit is beneficial for your physical health, bodily longevity, and your mental and social wellbeing. Participating in team sports is a great way to gain confidence working with others and in what your body can do. Team players also learn crucial human skills such as respect for others, communication, and emotional control.

Basketball Hoop NZ


Our range of basketball gear NZ is designed to fit all basketball play needs.

Basketball Rings for Sale

We offer the best quality basketball hoops for sale in NZ. Suitable for indoor, outdoor, private, and community play, our range of sports equipment is durable and long-lasting. All prices exclude shipping. Contact us today to request a free freight quote with the product codes handy.

FIBA Basketball Hoop

Our FIBA basketball hoop is high quality and double sprung. The ring is a solid steel rod that is 20mm thick with an internal diameter of 450mm. It features an easy to use tube tie net system, where the net fits onto a wire threaded through a network of tubes welded in place.

Use the code BB FIBA. We encourage you to get in touch for a free quote!

Basketball Bolt on Hoop

Our basketball bolt-on hoop has a powder-coated finish and features a heavy-duty 16mm solid ring. The ring braces and net clips are welded on for extra strength, with a strong support backing plate that is 6mm thick.

Use the code BB FX.


Basketball SafetyTube Clip Hoop

This basketball hoop NZ is an innovation from HotShot Sports. Its tube clip net attachment system on this hoop improves player safety by eliminating conventional clips. The ring is made of a 16mm solid steel bar with ring supports braces. The backing plate is 6mm thick.

Our Basketball SatetyTube Clip Hoop is custom made for extra strength and stars a powder-coated finish.

Use the code BB FXT.

Basketball Bolt on Double Hoop

Our designers at HotShot created this basketball hoop for areas with high vandalism. The double ring gives even more strength, ideal for outlying parks or schools.

With a solid steel 16mm thick double ring and custom mount support plate and braces, this hoop is ideal for use in areas where the public can enjoy a good basketball game. It is zinc-primed and powder coated.

Use the code BB FX2D.

Basketball Removable Hoop

The basketball removable hoop is heavy-duty, with a 16mm solid steel ring, welded net clips, and a custom-built support plate. It is supplied with a mounting plate and powder-coated finish.

We designed this hoop for areas where vandalism is an issue. It can easily be removed overnight for safety. We offer an extra basketball extension handle to facilitate the installation and removal of this hoop.

Use the code BB RE.

Basketball Sprung Breakaway Hoop

This hoop is ideal for players at any level. There are several bolt pattern choices on the fixing plate and the ring has an extra support plate, eliminating stays. You can also upgrade your clip choice to tube-tie net attachments on request.

Its concealed sprung mechanism enclosed for safety and appearance is pro-style. This hoop features a 16mm solid ring, 5mm custom-built welded support plate, welded net clips, and reinforced ring braces.

Use the code BB SP.

Basketball Extension Handle

Our basketball extension handle is zinc-plated and allows for ease of removing and installing hoops.

Use the code BB HDL.

Become part of NZ’s basketball community today!

At HotShot Sports, getting Kiwis to play more sport is our top priority. Check out our volleyball, badminton, and tennis multi-combination unit to learn more about our emphasis on making sport enjoyable and easy!

At Hot Shot Sports, we aim to make sports and physical fitness accessible for all New Zealanders. Working muscles and staying fit from a young age is essential for your health. We believe that there’s a kind of exercise out there for everyone, not just those who are “naturally sporty”.

Our basketball hoops NZ are easy to use, easy to install, and made of the highest quality materials. Using premium equipment is the best way to gain skills and confidence in this awesome game.

No matter how old or young you are, participating in physical activity is unbelievably beneficial for your physical, mental, and social wellbeing. We can’t emphasise enough how much we love facilitating people’s fitness journeys!

When choosing basketball hoops, you need the right advice from experts. We want to help! Feel free to contact us today.

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