Blinder Paint – Ideal for spray machines (can be used for wheel to wheel machines)

This range of marking liquids have all been designed and developed to give ultimate performance and ease of use.  There’s no mixing with these concentrates – the paint disperses easily with water, saving you both time and money.  High dilution rates keep the price per pitch low, whilst retaining a quality of line difficult to beat.

Blinder is the most cost effective paint available if dilution rates are correctly managed – Dilute between 2:1 and 14:1 for optimum performance.

At 10:1 dilution this paint has a quality finish that has out performed all competitors concentrates tested in the lab and in the field.


  • Initial Mark: 5 parts water to 1 part Blinder
  • Overmark: up to 20 parts water to 1 part Blinder

Extremely bright, very long lasting and rain resistant are features for Blinder.


SKU: PaintC

Blinder Key Features

  • supplied in 20 litre bucket or 200 litre drum
  • available in white
  • dilute between 5:1 and 14:1 for optimum performance
  • high impact, extremely bright, very rain resistant, and very long lasting line

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Blinder White 20 Litre, Blinder White 200 Litre


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