Tips for Buying Backyard Soccer Goals and Soccer Nets

Tips for Buying Backyard Soccer Goals and Soccer Nets

Soccer is one of those awesome games that can be enjoyed by nearly anyone. Just grab a ball, find suitable goals and soccer nets and grab your best friends, you’re good to go! Setting up a new soccer goal in your backyard or an area designated for active play is an excellent way to encourage others to have fun and stay active.

Of course, in order to get the right nets and goals, you have to look for the right qualities. There are different materials, sizes and designs to look for when you shop.

Making the wrong choice can be disappointing, so read on to learn about what you need to look for to find the perfect soccer goal and net online.

The Top Things To Look For As You Search For Your New Soccer Goal And Net

What kind of soccer nets and goals are you looking for? When you browse through your selection, keep the following tips in mind:

Know Your Budget. First of all, set a realistic budget for yourself. Having a set price range will help you stay in line and not spend too much. Although, it would be best if you also kept in mind that having a good, sturdy soccer goal is very beneficial because it encourages healthy play.

Therefore, it’s recommended to set a budget that’s affordable for you but allows you to get high-quality equipment that you and many others can enjoy for a long time.

Know How Many You Need. Next, how many soccer nets and goals do you need? Most spaces just require two, but are you enhancing several places or just getting one for your backyard? Remember to take quantity into account when you are creating your budget.

Metal Or Plastic? Soccer goals typically come in two material options: metal or plastic. Both materials have pros and cons, although metal is usually considered for high-intensity play because it typically lasts longer and offers you a better experience.

The main differences between the two are:


  • More Affordable. Plastic goals tend to be cheaper than higher-quality metal goals.
  • Lighter. Plastic tends to be lighter than metal, making plastic goals easier to transport, set up and put away.
  • More Suitable For Casual Play. Because they’re usually not as high-quality as metal goals, plastic goals are better suited for casual play with amateur players.


  • More Durable. Naturally, metal is more sturdy and durable than plastic goals. Great metal goals with suitable soccer nets will be with you for many years and countless games.
  • Designed For Permanent Or Semi-Permanent Installation. Because they’re a bit heavier and much more durable, metal goals are better for permanent or semi-permanent installation. So, they’re best for places designated for playing sports.
  • Better For Schools Or Gyms Where It Will Be Used Often. If you are looking to enhance a space like a school or a gym, a metal goal is most likely your best option.

Portable Or Stationary? Goals can be designed to be portable or stationary. They can be specially made to be easily packed away and set up, or they can be designed to be anchored to the ground to stay there for extended periods of time. Which kind are you looking for?

Check If Your Goal Comes With A Net Or Not. Most goals come with soccer nets, but some do not. Please make sure your goal comes with a net if you do not already have one. If it doesn’t, you should absolutely purchase a suitable net to go with your new goal.

Consider Purchasing An Extra Net Or Two. Even if your goal comes with a net, why not buy an extra one or two? Nets are sturdy and reliable, but they’re not as durable as a metal goal. Having an extra net in case your current one breaks can give you peace of mind. Nets come in different styles, sizes and even colours.

Always make sure you know what size you need your net before purchasing them.

Key Points To Remember As You Shop

It would be best if you remembered these key points as you look for your soccer nets and goals:

  • Soccer goals mainly come in two materials – metal and plastic. Metal is usually more expensive but can offer a better experience for most situations. 
  • Always check if your goal comes with a net before you purchase it. If not, make sure you buy a net as well.
  • Even if you already have a net, consider purchasing an extra or two. You never know when your current one will break.

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