Hockey Lacing Rods


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HotShot Hockey Goal Replacement Lacing Rods

HotShot International Goal

  • Per Goal
  • 2 x Top Beam Plain Round Rod 1855mm
  • 3?x Back Chassis Flat Bar (Three holes) 1190mm
  • 2 x Upright Post Plain Round Rod 1745mm
  • 2 x Side Chassis Flat Bar (Two holes) 1100mm


HotShot Deluxe & Standard Goals

  • Per Goal
  • 2?x Top Beam Plain 1855mm
  • 2 x Back Chassis 1810mm with washer
  • 2 x Upright Post Plain 1745mm
  • 2 x Side Chassis 1075mm with washer

?We can still manufacture rods for our older goals

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