Soccer Nets For Sale NZ

There’s nothing better than that moment when a player scores a goal in soccer. Make it count with our high-quality soccer nets! At HotShot Sports, we produce soccer nets for sale in NZ that ensure a smooth and exciting game.

Soccer is so good for balance, coordination, cardiovascular fitness, and improving your reflexes. Keeping fit is beneficial for your physical health, bodily longevity, and your mental and social wellbeing. Participating in team sports is a great way to gain confidence working with others and in what your body can do. Team players also learn crucial human skills such as respect for others, communication, and emotional control.

By using the best materials, our products are built to be long-lasting. Here at HotShot Sports, we are all about making sure you have the right sports equipment for playing the most popular sport in the world.

Using the right equipment is crucial for optimizing your enjoyment of the game! Take a look at our range of soccer equipment for sale.

Use the Best Soccer Equipment with HotShot Sports

HotShot Sports manufactures equipment to suit every player level. Read on to learn more about what net you need for your game.

Soccer Net 1

These soccer nets are 7.5m wide, 2.5m high, 2m deep and sold in a pair. We use white twine that is 3mm thick, braided in a square pattern. This net fits the Senior Alloy Freestanding Soccer Goal and is ideal for senior players.

Soccer Net 2

Like the SN 1, these soccer nets are sold in pairs and are great for senior players. They are 7.5m wide, 2.5m high and 2m deep.

For the SN 2, we use twisted orange twine that is 2.5mm thick. It has no roof and is ideal for the Senior Steel Soccer Goal.

Soccer Nets Online NZ

Soccer Net 3

The SN 3 is 4m wide, 2m high, 1.4m deep with no roof. Made of white 3mm twine in a twist pattern, we sell this net individually. It fits the HotShot Youth Portable Goal, and as the name suggests, is great for kids’ games.

Soccer Net 4

The SN 4 is perfect for our 3/4 Portable Steel Soccer Goal. It has no roof, is 3.6m wide, 1.8m high, and 1.2m deep. We make it out of white 3mm twine in a twist pattern and sell it individually.


Soccer Net 5

The SN 5 soccer net for sale NZ is 3m wide, 1.8m high, and 1.2m deep with no roof. Sold separately, made of white 3mm twisted twine, we designed it for our Portable Steel Soccer Goal. The SN 5 is perfect for training.

Soccer Net 6B – W

We sell the SN 6B-W per net. Made from twisted white 3mm twine, it is 2.15m wide, 0.95m high, and 0.6m deep. Therefore it is ideal for small, portable goals for training and casual games.

Soccer Combo Net 6B

We have had several requests for a combo net for our SG 1/4 goal. So here it is, manufactured from the same netting we use on our hockey goals, heavy-duty 2.5mm black twine in 35mm squares. With its 2.15m width, 0.95m height, and 0.6m depth, the SN 6B functions as a small soccer or hockey goal.

Soccer Net 7

The SN 7 is made of twisted white 3mm twine and is 4m wide, 2.5m high, and 2m deep, with no roof. They come in pairs. Designed for our inground intermediate steel goal, the SN 7 is perfect for school competitions.

Futsal Goal Net

The SN 8 comes in a pair of 3m wide, 2m high, and 1.2m deep white 3mm twine netting. Great for futsal goals, players will find the SN 8 catches the ball with ease.

Custom Made Soccer Nets

HotShot Sports also offers custom made soccer nets to suit your goals. Just take a photo of your goal posts, let us know the measurements, and leave the rest to us.

We offer a 2.7mm grey braided net with either a 200mm diamond pattern or a 100mm square pattern. Alternatively, we can make a braided net with 3mm grey twine with either a 230mm diamond or a 115mm square pattern.

Get the Best Soccer Net Online for Your Needs

At HotShot Sports, we care about making physical exercise accessible. Soccer culture is considered one of the most inviting, culturally diverse, and accessible communities across the globe. It is easy to learn and a whole lot of fun to play. Players at any level of experience will get something out of the game. It is so satisfying to keep building your skills and flourish in soccer.

Our soccer nets for sale NZ are accessible for beginner, intermediate, and professional players. Set them up at home, school, or a club, for training and games.

Our broad selection of soccer nets stands testament to the fact that soccer is the most accessible and most popular sport in the world.

Get in touch with HotShot Sports today to find out what we can do for you!

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