Pickleball: The Latest Craze In Racquet Sports

Pickleball is a fun sport that’s taking the world by storm. This thrilling, interesting sport is welcoming to all and surprisingly easy to learn. It doesn’t require too much equipment, it can be played indoors or outdoors and it’s an amazing way to stay fit and enjoy life.

Even though it’s enjoyed by so many, this sport is actually relatively new. So, you might not know much about it, but it might become one of your favourite activities.

Are you looking for a fantastic new sport to try out? Keep reading to learn more about this one!

5 Things Everyone Should Know About Pickleball

Basically, this is a paddle sport that combines elements of other racquet sports, but it has slight changes that make it special. This sport combines various elements of badminton, tennis and table tennis. It’s similar, but it’s also different. Unique equipment and rules set this sport apart from other racquet sports.

It’s a fairly new sport, as it was invented in 1965. Despite its age, it’s quickly become popular all around the world – including right here in New Zealand. People from all walks of life all over Aotearoa are discovering this wonderful sport.

Here are five cool things you should know about this thrilling sport:

1. Pickleball Is Very Easy To Learn

Like any other sport, there are rules that you have to follow. But these rules are pretty simple and very easy to learn. Players who have experience with other racquet sports, like tennis or badminton, might have an easier time learning the rules and the correct motions.

But, like with any new activity, this doesn’t mean you should dive in head-first and immediately try to be a pro. We recommend taking it slow and being easy on yourself as you learn the game. Start with laid-back matches where you’re learning the rules and ways of the game without being too hard on yourself if you don’t win or if you mistakenly break any rules.

2. This Sport Is Relatively Laid-Back, Fun And Sociable

This is a great, low-impact sport that’s perfect for anyone of any age. It’s easy to learn, so even young children or people who are completely new to sports can try it out.

This is seen as a very friendly sport, and players are often welcoming and kind. You should feel free to try it for yourself.

However, that doesn’t mean that things can’t get competitive! Experienced players can enjoy serious pickleball competitions that encourage them to let their skills shine.

So, whether you want to burn some calories and bond with your mates or you’re looking to become a serious player, this sport could be right for you.

3. It Is Played On A Badminton-Sized Court

This sport is a relatively small-scale sport, as it’s played on a badminton-sized court, which is much smaller than a tennis court. This is one reason why beginners find this sport welcoming and easy to learn. It’s in a smaller setting, so it’s not as intimidating as facing a massive footy field or even a large tennis court.

Pickleball courts are divided into two halves by a net. The net is also lower than a standard tennis net.

4. It Can Be Played As Singles Or Doubles

Much like other racquet sports, many people enjoy playing matches as singles or as doubles. In singles, each player plays against the other player. In doubles, two players on each team play against the two players on the other team.

This teamwork can be a great way to bond with your teammate and even your opposing team. Work together and have fun to enjoy this exceptional sport.

5. The Goal Is To Hit The Ball Over The Net And Into The Opposite Court

Like other sports, your goal is to serve the wiffle ball over the net and onto your opponent’s court. The ball must bounce once before the opposing player can hit it back. When the ball is back on your side, you must also let it bounce once before you hit it again.

An important difference in pickleball that you should know of is that you must serve the ball using an underhand arc, rather than an overhand arc.

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