Inclusive Sports Equipment – Fun And Effective Fitness Equipment For Everyone

Going out under the bright New Zealand sun and exercising is a fun activity that many enjoy regularly. Nowadays, with innovative adaptations, modified equipment and specially-designed equipment, even people with disabilities or certain health conditions can fully enjoy working out.

Everyone deserves to be healthy and have fun while they work their bodies, no matter what their body is like. With inclusive fitness equipment, people of all ages and body types can enjoy playing sports and working out together.

Keep reading this informative blog to learn all about the following:

  • The types of inclusive sports and fitness equipment that you can get.
  • If you can modify sports or other physical activities to be more inclusive for people with disabilities or health conditions.
  • Where you can go to learn more about using sports equipment in a friendlier manner.

What Kind Of Inclusive Sports Equipment Should I Consider?

You’ll be thrilled to learn that there are heaps of different kinds of sports and fitness equipment that are specifically built to be used by people with disabilities. These wonderful products and types of equipment make staying fit easier and more enjoyable for everyone and are an important part of any gym or fitness area.

They can seriously make a difference, so if you are in charge of any kind of gymnasium, we strongly recommend that you consider investing in some.

Specifically, some outdoor fitness equipment provided by GymGuru is designed to be inclusive. Two machines that are popular for this purpose are:

The Combination Wheelchair Press.

This excellent machine is primarily designed for wheelchair users and is designed in a way to make it easier for wheelchair users to reach the handles on the device and use it properly. The wheelchair press is great for strength and cardiovascular training.

However, the wheelchair press is also created in a way that people who don’t use wheelchairs can also use them. This detail makes this machine a fantastic choice for any outdoor fitness area because everyone can enjoy it, whether they have any disabilities or not.

The Shoulder Grinder.

This machine mainly works the upper body. It’s used by gripping the handles and rotating them in a way that works your cardiovascular system and upper body, boosting your strength and helping you enhance your body.

The incredible thing about GymGuru’s shoulder grinder machine is that it is designed so that you can use it in two ways. The main body of the device is tilted, so you can use the upper side while standing and the lower side while seated. So, wheelchair users can easily reach the handles on the machine to work their upper bodies.

Just like the wheelchair press, this outdoor fitness machine is a fantastic choice for fitness areas because everyone can enjoy it. This is certainly a great option for anyone who wants to make their workout area a better place for all.

Is There A Way That I Can Make My Sports Equipment More Inclusive?

Besides specially-designed sports equipment, you can also adapt standard equipment to be used by more people. Although, how you do this will strongly depend on the equipment itself and for whom you are modifying it.

For example, if you’re trying to install a basketball hoop in a way that makes it easier for wheelchair users to reach it, you can alter the height of the hoop so that making baskets is easier.

Certain sports can also be adapted to be more inclusive. If done right, you can alter a game in a way that lets people with disabilities and people without disabilities play together.

We recommend contacting your equipment seller to ask for recommendations on how to do this in your specific situation. At HotShot Sports Equipment, we aim to help all New Zealanders stay fit and healthy.

Things To Remember As You Make Your Sports And Fitness Areas Better For Everyone

Everyone who wants to improve the state of their gymnasium or fitness area should remember that:

  • Certain excellent fitness machines, like the wheelchair press and the shoulder grinder, can be used by nearly everyone. They’re a fantastic choice for any space.
  • Some sports equipment, like basketball hoops, can be installed in certain ways to make them much more accessible for people with disabilities.
  • Many sports and equipment can be altered to make them more inclusive.

Where To Go For High-Quality Sports Equipment Of All Kinds In New Zealand

At HotShot Sports Equipment, we believe that absolutely everyone should have the opportunity to have fun and stay active, regardless of their body. We enjoy helping New Zealanders improve their lives, health and mental states with our wonderful equipment.

If you’d like to know how you, too, can make your fitness area more inclusive, we invite you to come and speak with our team. Please call 0800 483 6647 or visit our contact page to learn how to reach us. With our help, we’re sure that we can come up with a great solution that benefits everyone.

Make New Zealand a better, healthier and more inclusive place with HotShot Sports Equipment!

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