How to Maintain & Store Sports Equipment At Home

Sports equipment can make staying active fun and rewarding. Reliable and durable equipment can be with you for years while you build happy memories and have fun with your friends and family.

But, like anything else, equipment can become damaged over time. Some wear and tear damages are inevitable, but improper care and poor storage can accelerate deterioration and ruin your favourite gear.

Fortunately, you can protect your best equipment by taking proper care of it and making sure it’s safe when you put it away. Every equipment owner should take care to learn about the tips listed in this article.

Top Tips To Help You Maintain Your Sports Equipment

The first step to making sure your equipment stays in good condition is learning how to take care of it. Simple things like cleaning your equipment after each session can do wonders.

When it comes to maintaining your equipment, you should know that:

Different Equipment Requires Different Maintenance.

Sports and fitness equipment come in different shapes, styles and materials. Obviously, a rubber basketball isn’t going to need the same cleaning routine as a twine soccer net or a metal soccer goal.

At HotShot Sports, we have a convenient section on our website about maintenance for specific types of equipment. We encourage you to head on over and look up how to take care of the particular sports equipment that you’re using.

Clean Your Equipment When It’s Dirty.

If you notice that your equipment is dirty and you’re not actively in a game, clean it! Routine cleaning prevents dirt buildup and damage. You should wipe off and clean your equipment after you’re done with it, especially if it’s clearly dirty or has been in the dirt or mud.

For A Really Thorough Job, Hire A Professional.

There are professional cleaners out there who can give your equipment a thorough cleaning. You don’t need to go to them every time you notice some dirt, but going to them before or after you store your gear away for a long time can help keep your favourite pieces in top condition.

How You Should Store Your Sports Equipment

Proper storage is also key when you want to ensure your equipment has a long life. Naturally, a ball that’s correctly cleaned, deflated and stored away in a plastic bin will do better than a dirty ball that’s tossed in a corner for a month.

Correct equipment storage can include:

Store Your Equipment At Home.

You can keep a better eye on your equipment when you store it at home. Safe places like your garage or a closet are good for storage of equipment that you don’t need now, but will use again in the future. Storage units are also an option, but they cost money to rent. If you have the space, keep your sports equipment at home.

Clean It Before You Store It.

Always clean your equipment before you store it away. Leaving caked-on dirt isn’t just unsightly, it’s also messy and can cause stains. Ensure that all of your equipment is nice and neat before you put it away.

Keep It Organised.

Keeping things organised is beneficial for several reasons. For example:

  • It Looks Nice! Simply put, a well-organised space looks better than a disorganised space. Keeping your things neat can instil a sense of order in any space.
  • It’ll Be Easier To Find Equipment In The Future. Say you want to find a particular soccer ball; how are you going to find it if all of your balls are all over your garage? Organisation will help you in the future when it’s time to get all of your sports equipment again.
  • Bins Will Keep Your Equipment Protected. Consider getting storage bins to put your equipment in. Bins will protect them from pests and make organisation easier.

Avoid Direct Sunlight.

A Lot of equipment is made with plastic and rubber, which can deteriorate and crack when exposed to bright, harsh sunlight for extended periods of time. Try to keep your equipment in dark, protected spaces to prevent damage from the light and heat of the sun.

Avoid Moisture.

Moisture can cause nasty mould, mildew, fungus and more to grow. These unwanted growths are terrible for the condition of your equipment. So, before you store your gear away, please do your best to make sure it’s nice and dry.

If you just finished washing your equipment, you should let it dry before you put it away into an enclosed space.

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