How To Choose The Right Hockey Goal For Your Game

Field hockey is a fast-paced and exciting game that requires agility, endurance and focus. But it also requires sturdy equipment like great hockey goals. After all, how can you know who scores if you don’t have goals to aim for?

One awesome thing about field hockey is that it’s for everyone. Everyone from beginners who’ve just picked up their first stick to pros who’ve played for years can enjoy a thrilling game every now and again. But of course, they can’t play without the right equipment!

How do you choose the right goals for your games? Read on to learn more about picking the right hockey goals for your future matches.

Traits To Look For And Things To Think About When Gearing Up With New Hockey Goals

You don’t need heaps of equipment to play a fun round of hockey, but you still need some. Buying the right sticks, protective gear, and goals can help you play and love this fun sport all year round.

Plus, it doesn’t hurt to have some extras around. Don’t forget to have extra sticks, balls and gear!

But what about goals? Think about these things when you shop for your own new goals:


Naturally, size is a great matter of importance when you’re looking for any kind of equipment for any kind of sport. What size goal do you need? Think about the age and skill levels of the players playing hockey to determine what type of goal you need. For example, youth goals are often smaller than adult goals.

You can also get smaller goals for training purposes. Please have a look at the Hockey Mini Target Goal we have in our store. This little goal certainly isn’t suited for full games, but it’s perfect for training sessions. Plus, its small size will help you hone your accuracy by giving you less space to work with.


 The material of the goal is also very important. Hockey is often played outside, where your goals will be exposed to the elements as well as shots and impacts from players.

Steel goals are the most durable, but they can be a tad tricky to handle due to their weight. Aluminium goals are lighter and easier to move, and although they’re still very durable, they aren’t quite as durable as heavy steel.

Durability And Stability

The material of your goals isn’t the only thing that contributes to their durability. The design and structure of them do, too! Make sure you only purchase your goals from reliable sellers who know what they’re doing. Your hockey goals should, naturally, be designed for hockey. This means they should be able to withstand the game without getting knocked over or damaged by simple physical impacts.

Furthermore, your new goals should be stable and robust. You can’t play properly with a goal that’s knocked over! An unstable goal can also be dangerous because it has a chance of falling over and hurting someone near it.

Installation And Handling

Before you purchase new goals, always make sure you fully understand how they are supposed to be installed or handled. Can your goals be picked up and moved whenever you need to change your space? If they can, how difficult are they to handle?

It’s important to understand how you’ll set up your goals before you use them to ensure you’re using them properly.


Many areas that are meant for sports aren’t meant for just one kind of sport. For instance, one day, a field might be used for soccer, and another, it might be used for rugby. You’ll want to think about the portability of your goals if you know you’ll be frequently moving them on and off the field.

You might also need to move goals around for different types of games and other formats of field hockey. Goals might be spaced further apart for adults and closer together for children or beginners.

Luckily, there are plenty of amazing hockey goals that are specifically designed to be easy to move. Our Hockey Standard Mobile Goal is one of them! This goal is designed to be lighter but still robust and strong. You can easily move it every day to suit your needs.

Plus, this model is placed on locking wheels. You won’t need to worry about straining to lift this goal when you need to move it.

Where You Can Get Awesome Equipment For Your Future Games

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