Finding The Perfect Tennis Net For Your Game

Tennis is a fun, energetic game that so many people in New Zealand love. It’s a great game that doesn’t require much equipment to play, and you don’t have to be a pro athlete to feel all the amazing benefits of playing it. But, naturally, it’s hard to play tennis correctly without a dependable tennis net.

Purchasing a new net can help you improve any place where sports are played, but you can’t just choose the first net you see. You’ll need to think about various factors like size, material and even colour before you find the best net for your space.

No worries, we’re here to help! Keep reading to learn what you need to look for when buying a new net.


Why Having A Great Net Is So Important

First, you should understand why choosing a suitable net is so important.

Just imagine trying to play tennis with a low-quality tennis net that might be broken, incorrectly set up or not fit for use. The ball might not bounce off the net as it should, or the net could sway or move too much in the wind. These issues could make it pretty hard to play a fun round of tennis.

But, a strong, properly-installed net will be reliable so you can enjoy tennis the way it’s supposed to be enjoyed. The ball will bounce off the net correctly, the net won’t break from standard use, and it’ll always stay where it’s supposed to be. A good net can help you experience all of the wonderful health benefits of playing tennis.

A Few Key Factors To Pay Attention To When You Shop For A new Net

Not all nets are the same, so not all tennis nets will fit your property or your players. Think about these things when you’re choosing a tennis net:


Make sure you choose a net that’s appropriately sized for your tennis court and the kinds of tennis you play. Be aware of the exact size you need so that you can look for a good net.


Nets used in tennis are typically made from nylon or polyester. It’s a good idea to thoroughly read the description of your selected net before you purchase it so that you can fully understand what it’s made of.

Please read the description to learn about the material of the net itself, the material of the top band, the material of the dowels and more. This can give you a great mental image of what the net is like if you’re shopping online.


You’ll also want a strong, durable tennis net that’s made to last. These nets are typically used outdoors, so they need to be strong enough to withstand being outdoors in all seasons and still look good.

The nets we have at HotShot Sports Equipment are treated with both UV and mildew inhibitors to extend their life and to offer maximum resistance against the elements. They’re designed to stand strong, so they’re the perfect choice for any kind of tennis court.

Additionally, nets with polyester top bands last longer than nets with PVC top bands in sunny conditions as the polyester doesn’t break down from UV rays like PVC does. Tennis is a great game to play on a bright and sunny day, so having nets with UV-resistant qualities is a must.

Portability Or Installation

Take a moment to think about how your net will be set up. Are you planning on setting it up in a more permanent position where it’ll be in an area that’s designated for tennis? In this case, you’ll also want to think about if you have good tennis posts for your net to be attached to.

However, if you’re purchasing a net for a space that’s for multiple different kinds of sports, then chances are you’ll have to set it up and take it down regularly to prepare for tennis games or remove it for other types of sports. In this case, you may want to consider purchasing a mobile tennis system.

Mobile tennis systems are exactly what they sound like – they’re tennis nets that are attached to a portable system, and they’re much easier to move in or out of position. This makes them absolutely perfect for multi-sport areas that aren’t specifically for tennis.

These mobile systems are meant to be easier to set up, take down or move around. Unlike standard nets that use tennis posts, these have wheels that allow them to be easily moved. If you’re concerned about the net shifting in and out of position during a game because of these wheels, don’t be – the wheels are braked to ensure the tennis net is sturdy like a standard net that’s attached to posts.

How You Can Find Some Of The Best Sports Equipment In Aotearoa

At HotShot Sports Equipment, we strive to supply New Zealanders with top-notch sports equipment that’s dependable and built to last. We love encouraging fun and exercise with our products, and we’d love for you to come and see our selection of tennis nets.

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Enjoy the thrilling sport of tennis with equipment from HotShot Sports Equipment!

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