Electric Winch Tork

Product Code – WPM

Electric Tork Winch

Industry-engineered specifically for use as a basketball backstop winch, the TW2000 is the only oil-free design available and considered to be the best in the industry.


Key Features

  • Max Safe Working Load – Designed to lift a vertical weight of 453kg a backstop assembly weighing 820kg
  • Load Type – Vertical Lifting, pulling on a slope or pulling horizontally
  • Rope Type – 1/4″ / 6 mm 7 x 19 aircraft cable (Rope not supplied with winch)
  • Rope Travel– 25 feet / 7.5 metres on one layer – A second layer for 45 feet / 13.5 metres total may be wound on if required
  • Rope Speed – 12 feet per minute / 3.5 metres per minute
  • Electrical Characteristics – 120 Volts, 60 Cycles
  • Motor – 1 HP / .75 KW
  • Motor Type – Instant reverse, low maximum current draw design, thermally protected
  • Full Load Amperage – 13 amps
  • Duty Cycles – Standard 10 minutes on , 20 minutes off
  • Gear Reduction – Proprietary composite self lubricating gearing with no oil bath
  • Rope Drum – Grooved for accurate winding.  Supported in large diameter ball bearing and positive, through-the-drum type anchoring
  • Braking – Double, self-locking worm gearing plus passive uni-directional brake
  • Pressure Roller – Constant pressure type with torsion spring mounting
  • Limited Switches – Heavy duty upper and lower switches, gear for high accuracy Maximum travel 45 feet / 13.8 metres
  • Frame Construction – Precision interlocking steel frame for high rigidity and precise alignment.  Semi enclosed for safety.  E-coated for corrosion resistance
  • Weight – 64 lbs


  • For indoor use only
  • Not to be used for lifting people
  • Not to be used for lifting things over people without a safety locking device or an automatic fall arrester system in place



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