Basketball Backboard Plywood 1800×1050

Product Code – BB BB W1.8

Basketball Backboard International Size – Wood 1800 x 1050

HotShot Marine Plywood 18mm boards have been finished with a new generation Acrylic Enamel Paint – modified to give outstanding glass and depth which is flexible – not like some backboards that are coated with 2 pot paints that have no give and are prone to crack over time, with the rear being flat black, Black lines markings around the outside, and at keyhole.  Backboard only. 

 Odd sizes available on request.

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Key Features

  • Size 1800 x 1050 
  • PVC black edging & keyhole marking lines
  • Marine Plywood 18mm weather sealed for outside use
  • Paint matt black on rear


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