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Basketball Backboards

HotShot backboards come with several options, galvanised steel powder coated, stainless steel with a natural finish, both 1200x900 perforated, constructed with a strong and durable bracing system we also have marine plywood 1200x900 & 1800x1050 weather sealed for outside use with odd sizes available on request.
Basketball Backboard Plywood 1800x1050
$850.00 NZD
Code: BB BB W1.8
Basketball  Backboard Plywood 1200x900
$550.00 NZD
Code: BB BB W1.2
Basketball  Backboard Polycarbonate 1800x1050
Code: BB BBP

Basketball Backboard Steel
$300.00 NZD
Code: BB BB
Basketball  Backboard Stainless
$565.00 NZD
Code: BB BBS

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